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Thoughts from Ron, Spring 2023 Newsletter

Compassionate Care ALS provides the best in service and equipment, delivered with an understanding of people and relationships more than any diagnosis, progression, or fear of the future. We are dedicated to showing up on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. And we do so without passing along the material costs of what we are supplying. I am often asked, “How do you do it, Ron?”

My first thought is to answer why we do it. That comes down to decades of experience recognizing how traumatic an ALS diagnosis can be, and how a sense of confusion and chaos can prolong and intensify the trauma—unless somebody shows up with an open heart. We arrive on the scene with a great deal to offer and no red tape. If we have what you need, we get it to you without delay. The arrival of something simple like a transfer belt or a comfortable neck brace the day after we came for a visit can bring a deep sense of relief.

So that’s part of the why, and there’s a whole lot more. The how-do-you-do-it part comes down to the incredible “work behind the work”. Some of it is the several big events we sponsor and organize with our incredible fundraising team as well as our families.

Since the beginning of CCALS, our families have always shown up for us, paying forward the support they receive. There have been parties and concerts and bowling tournaments and golf scrambles, runs and raffles and bike rides and motorcycle tours. I look back on everything that has been created and it warms my heart. 2023 is a huge year for family events supporting CCALS. You can read about many of them in this newsletter.

We have never been busier, and I say this every year.

Is it because there are more ALS cases? Maybe. Or is it because our reputation is growing? People are becoming more aware of how we show up in a way that no one else does. I have to think that’s a big part of it. And so I write to you with huge gratitude for all that you do to keep us rolling. I am so blessed by our extraordinary team. We are all in this together, wherever you may find yourself on the journey of ALS. We are family. We will always care.

In service,

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