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Finding Inspiration in the Days of the Pandemic Shut Down

April 9, 2020

I was driving around Falmouth the other day and felt like I had dropped into the middle of a sci-fi movie, kind of like The Day the Earth Stood Still. The streets were empty—an eerie stillness—like I was the last person alive on earth. I knew intellectually what was going on, but in my heart…

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A conversation with Ron Hoffman and Lisa Genova

February 3, 2020

Watch a conversation with Compassionate Care ALS Founder/Executive Director and author of Sacred Bullet, Ron Hoffman, and New York Times best selling author, Lisa Genova, below:

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ALS and the Art of Timing

November 6, 2019

I received the following email last week: Hi Ron, I reached out to you six months ago when my husband was diagnosed. Everyone told me CCALS was fabulous, but I just couldn’t set up a meeting. Now I need to. So many questions, concerns and fears have come up since I first wrote. Hope to…

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Thoughts from Ron, June 2019

June 18, 2019

I get asked by people all of the time, “Ron, what is it that you do?” It’s a big question. Difficult to capture in a few sentences, but two words sum it up: a lot! I experienced this wondering about our work throughout the construction of our new education and retreat center. Contractors and subcontractors…

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