The CCALS Education and Retreat Center

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New York Times best-selling author and CCALS board member, Lisa Genova, sits down with Founder Ron Hoffman to discuss the CCALS Education and Retreat Center

Founder Ron Hoffman discusses his vision for the CCALS Education and Retreat Center

Compassionate Care ALS $3.5 million Capital Campaign

CCALS has raised more than $3.2 million in support of our Education and Retreat Center. Please donate by clicking on Support This Project or by sending checks designated towards the CCALS Education and Retreat Center to CCALS, PO Box 1052, West Falmouth, MA 02574.

About the Education and Retreat Center

The CCALS ALS Education and Retreat Center will meet the needs of individuals living with ALS, their families, and their caregivers by improving access to ALS information and resources. The Center will serve as a handicapped accessible respite location as well as a home for CCALS Educational Gatherings.

The Facility

Plans for the CCALS Education and Retreat Center include fully handicapped accessible suites with adjoining rooms for family members. The facility will have a community kitchen as well as a lounge and library area. It will also house CCALS’ administrative offices. The Center will retain the natural beauty and scenic vistas of existing landscape to encourage interaction in the form of quiet contemplation, reflection and meditation. Accommodations for early stage individuals with ALS will be available as well.

Donate to the Education and Retreat Center

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A note from our anonymous donor

ALS strikes deeply as everyone here knows. We are a community in this room and in the world. We share a deep understanding of how much it means to experience true care, in all the meanings of the word. And sometimes to experience celebration, even transcendent joy despite it all.

Ron is our common bond, sharing the whole of it, with unconditional devotion to all of us. Who better can you find anywhere in the country to build this community of compassion, partnering with researchers and healthcare providers who themselves can learn from our community of compassion.

In support of CCALS’ important and ambitious new project, our family decided to offer a matching grant to help create a place of nurturing in West Falmouth. It is a space for an ALS community we all share by virtue of coming through the fires.

It is a safe space in nature for respite, for sharing and for learning. Let’s make our funds work together, matching one for one.

Thank you to our vendors

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