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Spring of 2023






Randy Cumming
Fatima Allan
Joel Slovin
Donna Houston
Lanny Eder
Gretchen Detora
Shannon Saba
Lisa Campopiano
Sharon Sinerate
Charlene Stoessel
Joanne Nye
Susan Reynolds
Joel/Debbie Gore/DeMarco
Evelyn DeMarco
Martha Braverman
Adriane Gilder
Wendy and Bob Morrison
Sandy Knott
Maryann Arsenault
Sharman Lappin
Amylyx Pharmaceuticals
Martha Tascione
Faith Regan
Deborah Katsiroubas
Maureen Urban
Deborah Cannon
Rich and Debby VannNostrand
Annmarie Godin
Matt Herson
Lisa Boyer
Renee & Bob Solis
Helen Gordon
Rich & Mary McNamara
Ken & Mary Hunt
Joe DeWolfe
Peter O'Donnell
Stephen MacLellan
Tracy Zitoli
Kathy McSweeney
Andrea Pagano
Debra Greenwald
Robin Winkler
Mike and Denyse Turpin
Marc Gazaille
Adriane Gilder
Lori & David Schultz
BJS Wholesale Foundation
Mike and Dot Henry
Martha Dutton
Karin Killeen
Terry Crean
Jeffrey McGill
The Ride to Remember
MT Pharma
Mission Church
Cynthia Raccone
Jeffrey Noel
Kristine Copley
Angela Lukasevicz
Linda Mastrototoro
Janine Gould
Jeff Kooperman
Stephen Desio
Gloria Josephs
Chief Lyver
Monica Grehoski
Jennifer Bourget
Michael Durkin
Carolyn Hsiao
Jonathan Hanna
Kathy Gosnell
Madison Ramirez
Jonathan Kalagher
Lindsey Bazigian
Amanda Hubley
Northborough Firefighters
Carly Goodell
Andrea Fierimonte
Peter Stone
Tess Lien
Keely Hanna
Theodore O'Brien
Molly Robbins
Joanne Nye
Karen Scopetski
Jeff Lourie
Todd Minardi
Alan Gordon
Andrew Dowd
MJ Fredette
Linda Henry
William Payne
Catherine Spinelli
Xavier Reilly
Jason Perreault
Sizamme Rotaccp
Craig Johnson
Carla Proffit
Meaghan Callahan
Joseph Bard
Jason St. Pierre
Jamie Corriveau
Lois Kirk
Bruce Terry
Northborough Police Association
Vieste Simply Italian
Tom Andrews
Robby & Libby Gibson
Will Bard
Erin Kenney
Mikayla Orlando
Jill Valickus
Laine Margolin
Theodore O'Toole
Orlando Builders, LLC
Stephen & Frankie Sullivan
Rachael Sables
Maurice Wilson
Mike Smith
Mark Leahy
Ryan Newell
Nick Miglionico
Thomas Kass
Howard Buster Spaulding
Robert Theve
Michael McAuliffe
Diane Stokes
Elizabeth Joseph
Ellen Lotz
Janine Colleran
Julie Guerin
Katie Mick
Chris Stokes
Kathy Blackmore
Judy Miller
Mare Campbell-York & Ron York
Bari Gulsby
norine minion
Cathy Houk
Louise Pond
nancy Lepp
Robin Harris
Shirley Pukaite
Susan & John Lawrence
Allison Lattanzio
Nancy Luke
George & Eileen McGregor
Darlene Salatto Rose
Rachel Hung
Rango Keshavan
Nicholas Cortese
Kristy & Brian Poulliot
Janice DiBona
Gene Adams
Michael Fallon
Kristy &Brian Poulliot
Anthony Lamacchia
Jayda Burke


"Quite an inspiring thing you and your team are doing, Jim. Best wishes for a safe ride, decent weather, and wind at your back! Randy & Pat Cumming"
- Randy Cumming

"Thank you for your help! When we needed you."
- Fatima Allan

"Jimmy we pray that you have great weather and stay safe! Jay & Donna Houston"
- Donna Houston

"I lost a co worker to ALS in the last 90's. I organized a walk for her family to help her two daughters with their college education. I still think of Jeanne and her family to this day. God Bless you Jim on your bicycle trip. Matt will be right by your side!"
- Gretchen Detora

"You guys are so inspiring. #FitBricksFamily Be safe and enjoy every minute of your journey."
- Lisa Campopiano

"I read about your journey in the Community Advocate. What an amazing thing you are doing. Good luck!"
- Charlene Stoessel

"JB amazing. Truly amazing individual"
- Joel/Debbie Gore/DeMarco

"Have a great ride. Donating in honor of my friend Lisa"
- Evelyn DeMarco

"Ride Safely, Jim Bruce. Look over your shoulder for my frequent nagging"
- Adriane Gilder

"For Jim Bruce and team. Such a great tribute."
- Sandy Knott

"I heard on Chronicle about the wonderful work CCALS does!"
- Maryann Arsenault

"CCALS and Ron Hoffman were so wonderful in guiding Kathy and her family through the horror that is ALS."
- Sharman Lappin

"Good Luck Jim! Michael and Marty Tascione"
- Martha Tascione

"Remembering John, the wonderful work of CCALS, Matt, and all those impacted by ALS. Safe travels."
- Faith Regan

"I saw the story on Channel 5 & it spurred to me to donate. You supported my friend Chris Anderson from 2018-2021 & now are supporting another friend, Mahendra Shakya who was recently diagnosed."
- Maureen Urban

"Donating in honor of my friend Debbie Garland Bellina's son Matt"
- Deborah Cannon

"Go Chorches!"
- Matt Herson

"Go Jim!"
- Lisa Boyer

"Jim & Diane, thank you for riding for such a worthy cause!"
- Renee & Bob Solis

"Safe travels!"
- Ken & Mary Hunt

"Good luck & god bless"
- Joe DeWolfe

"Good luck to Jim Bruce and his Falmouth to Falmouth ride!"
- Stephen MacLellan

"Best wishes for a smooth ride!"
- Tracy Zitoli

"We’ll be thinking of you Jim as you ride in memory of Matt! John and Robin"
- Robin Winkler

"Good Luck Jim!"
- Mike and Denyse Turpin

"You two are an inspiration to do whatever it takes to make a difference and improve people's lives! Lori & David Schultz"
- Lori & David Schultz

"Diane and Jim, wishing you a safe journey!"
- Karin Killeen

""Good luck, Jim! Wishing you fair weather!" - Terry & Kevin Crean"
- Terry Crean

"From the BOW WOWs and Friends of Diane Stokes"
- Diane Stokes

"Good luck Jim!!"
- Elizabeth Joseph

"Good Luck, Diane Ellen Lotz"
- Ellen Lotz

"Good Luck!"
- Janine Colleran

"Good luck!"
- Katie Mick

"Go Diane Go!!"
- Chris Stokes

"Best of luck on your amazing journey"
- Judy Miller

"Go Diane!"
- Mare Campbell-York & Ron York

"Wishing you a safe ride with fair weather."
- Bari Gulsby

"Fabulous organization!!! Happy to help."
- Cathy Houk

"Good luck with the ride Diane. You continue to amaze me the more I get to know you. I’m proud to call you my friend."
- Robin Harris

"Jim, May the fair winds, lift you."
- Susan & John Lawrence

"Sending the Biggest Hugs to you!!! Love, ali"
- Allison Lattanzio

"Thank you for Jason, and for your support of my first trike outing as a person with ALS."
- Nancy Luke

"Diane, Thank you for going the "Extra Mile" in support of this very worthy cause, we are so proud of you. George and Eileen"
- George & Eileen McGregor

"I’m so sorry to read about Matt. My dear friend Dean has been suffering from this illness for years. I’ve seen him go from a vibrant artist to being confined in a wheel chair with minimal capabilities. Yet his mind is fully there."
- Rango Keshavan

"To all of those fighting against ALS and to their compassionate and caring loved ones. May God Bless All of You!"
- Kristy & Brian Poulliot

"Good Luck Jim!"
- Kristy &Brian Poulliot

"For the Bruce Family! In support of Jim and in loving memory of Matt."
- Jayda Burke

Event Description

Cheer on Jim Bruce and Diane Stokes as they ride cross country to raise money for CCALS and honor the life of Jim’s son Matt, who passed away from ALS in 2014. Jim and Diane are long-time friends who have trained and competed in triathlons together since 2008. In spring 2023, the pair will ride over 1,600 miles, starting in Falmouth, FL and finishing in Falmouth, MA.


On their month-long journey up the coast, they will visit ALS families currently served by CCALS.

Show your support of CCALS and Riding with Compassion by becoming a sponsor! Scroll down for details, and discover all the benefits and publicity that sponsorship provides your company.

Jim's Story

In 2014, Jim’s son Matt was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS, not normally found in young adults. Matt and his family connected with Ron early on and received support from CCALS throughout their ALS journey.

In the face of such a devastating diagnosis, Matt lived his life fully, actively and vibrantly. He was a fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and, most fervently, the Bruins. He loved the outdoors, fishing, hunting and off-roading. Music was a particular passion; Matt was a frequent concert-goer. Most of all, Matt reveled in the company of family and friends. During his last year, he realized a life-long dream and traveled widely throughout Europe. Matt was an inspiration to all.


Since Matt’s passing, Jim has continued to support the work of our organization, acting as President of the CCALS Board and participating in fundraising events. Every year, he has run the Falmouth Road Race, pushing a person living with ALS in the special race wheelchair which CCALS initially designed for Matt.


Thank you to our generous sponsors