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Spring of 2023




Allison Lattanzio
Nancy Luke
George & Eileen McGregor
Darlene Salatto Rose
Rachel Hung
Rango Keshavan
Nicholas Cortese
Kristy & Brian Poulliot
Janice DiBona
Gene Adams
Michael Fallon
Kristy &Brian Poulliot
Anthony Lamacchia
Jayda Burke


"Sending the Biggest Hugs to you!!! Love, ali"
- Allison Lattanzio

"Thank you for Jason, and for your support of my first trike outing as a person with ALS."
- Nancy Luke

"Diane, Thank you for going the "Extra Mile" in support of this very worthy cause, we are so proud of you. George and Eileen"
- George & Eileen McGregor

"I’m so sorry to read about Matt. My dear friend Dean has been suffering from this illness for years. I’ve seen him go from a vibrant artist to being confined in a wheel chair with minimal capabilities. Yet his mind is fully there."
- Rango Keshavan

"To all of those fighting against ALS and to their compassionate and caring loved ones. May God Bless All of You!"
- Kristy & Brian Poulliot

"Good Luck Jim!"
- Kristy &Brian Poulliot

"For the Bruce Family! In support of Jim and in loving memory of Matt."
- Jayda Burke

Event Description

Cheer on Jim Bruce and Diane Stokes as they ride cross country to raise money for CCALS and honor the life of Jim’s son Matt, who passed away from ALS in 2014. Jim and Diane are long-time friends who have trained and competed in triathlons together since 2008. In spring 2023, the pair will ride over 1,600 miles, starting in Falmouth, FL and finishing in Falmouth, MA.


On their month-long journey up the coast, they will visit ALS families currently served by CCALS. The Pete Frates van, donated to CCALS by Pete’s family, will be used as the ride support vehicle.

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Jim's Story

In 2014, Jim’s son Matt was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS, not normally found in young adults. Matt and his family connected with Ron early on and received support from CCALS throughout their ALS journey.

In the face of such a devastating diagnosis, Matt lived his life fully, actively and vibrantly. He was a fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and, most fervently, the Bruins. He loved the outdoors, fishing, hunting and off-roading. Music was a particular passion; Matt was a frequent concert-goer. Most of all, Matt reveled in the company of family and friends. During his last year, he realized a life-long dream and traveled widely throughout Europe. Matt was an inspiration to all.


Since Matt’s passing, Jim has continued to support the work of our organization, acting as President of the CCALS Board and participating in fundraising events. Every year, he has run the Falmouth Road Race, pushing a person living with ALS in the special race wheelchair which CCALS initially designed for Matt.