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In Loving Memory of Lady Z (Zainab Assad Buloushi)

Published October 2015

June 1, 1946-October 6, 2015

Zainab was born on June 1st, 1946 in Kuwait. She was the Daughter of Assad and Sachina and a sister to her Brother, Yacoub, and she had other sisters. She married Saif Abbas Dehrab and moved to the United States to support him obtaining his education. Lady Z had five children: Lubna, Lail, Omar, Abla, and Ali. She raised her children to be strong, educated, hard-working, and courteous people.

When her husband, Saif, completed his PhD at Indiana University, Bloomington. she moved with her three children (Lubna, Lail, and Omar) and her husband back to Kuwait to raise her children and to support Saif’s professorship at Kuwait University. During this time Zainab had her fourth child, Abla.

In 1980, her husband, accepted a diplomatic posting with the Kuwaiti Foreign Service, as the director of the Kuwait Cultural Office in Washington, DC. In 1989, Saif and Zainab took Abla and Omar back to Kuwait so Saif could continue his professorship at Kuwait University.

While on vacation and academic research on August 2, 1990, suddenly, shockingly, and violently, Kuwait suffered the horrible invasion and occupation by Iraq. Zainab helped to stabilize and strengthen her husband and children during the occupation and invasion of Kuwait. She helped the efforts to drum up support for the liberation of Kuwait by being a part of the organization, Citizens for a Free Kuwait.

After the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, Zainab had her fifth child, Ali, her pride and joy. Lady Z continued to raise all of her children that remained at home and as well provided love, guidance, and care for those of her offspring away.

Lady Z was always a loving, caring, nurturing person. She was an inspiration, joy, and bedrock to her late husband and children. She touched so many people and had many friends. She supported many charitable and just causes for example woman’s rights in Kuwait, as well as being an active member of the Secret Garden Project and Shakshooka Market which are both community based initiatives. She enjoyed traveling, fly fishing, cooking, and gardening. She is survived by her daughters Lubna, Lail, and Abla and her two sons, Ali and Omar.