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I have the privilege of representing Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS) in the 121st Boston Marathon On April 17th, 2017. I am honored to raise funds and bring awareness to CCALS.

I was introduced to CCALS through my friend Andrew Frates in August of 2015 when he asked me to join their Falmouth Road Race team. It was at the team dinner the night before the race that my eyes were opened to the impact of CCALS’ caregiving.

Up until that point, my understanding of ALS was a product of conversations with Andrew and participation in his brother Pete’s events. I had very limited understanding of the behind-the-scenes burden that ALS presents. That night I learned of the challenges that individuals living with ALS and their families face in completing day-to-day tasks, the financial toll that ALS care takes, and the lack of emotional support and guidance available for families impacted by this disease.

It became clear to me that the services that Ron and the CCALS team provide are critical. It also became clear that the quality of CCALS’ care, the expertise of their staff, and the genuine passion of CCALS’ leadership was a rare combination in the ALS caregiving field. Inspired by all that I learned, the choice to jump onboard and fundraise for CCALS’ by running the Boston Marathon could not have been easier.

I am dedicating my efforts to Pete Frates who, like many others, has benefitted from the work of CCALS. CCALS has helped the entire Frates family, Andrew in particular, whose loyalty, friendship, and unwavering positivity over the past few years has been nothing short of astonishing. The Frates family’s accomplishments have exemplified what a focused vision, persistence, and incredible empathy for others can produce, even in the face of inconceivable hardship. If I can mirror a few of their qualities over the next few months, then I truly believe we can come together to make a positive impact on the lives of CCALS’ families.

Thank you all for your generosity and support. I look forward to running on Marathon Monday and many more opportunities to support CCALS!

-Greg Smyth

Checks can be sent to:
CCALS – Smyth Marathon
PO Box 1052
West Falmouth, MA 02574




Kelly MacDonald
Daniel McKenna
Sharon McGarty
Peter O’Toole
Joe Marenda
Timothy Duffy
Luke Charest
Daniel Smith
Erin Biles
John Hudson
Caitlin Prendergast
Michael Counihan
Brian McDonnell
Amanda Smyth
David Druley
Justin Teman
Chris Shepler
Jonathan Ku
John Taubeneck
Kyle Opie
Ernest McAlister
Caroline Biles
Kevin McGarty
Molly Yasi


“Good luck Greg!!”
-Kelly & Ryan

“Go get em Smytty!!”
– Daniel McKenna

“Good luck Greg!!”
– Erin Biles

“Hope you’re eating! Good luck Smytty!”
– Caitlin Prendergast

“Go Greg!”
– Brian McDonnell

“Good luck Gregory!!! You Rock !!!”
– Amanda Smyth

“Good luck in the marathon Greg and thanks for supporting a great cause.”
– David Druley

“Go Greg!”
– Chris Shepler

“Sweet shirt Smytty”
– Jonathan Ku

“Good luck champ”
– Kyle Opie

“Good Luck Smytty”
– Ernest McAlister

“Proud of you Greg!! You’re gonna kill it!”
– Caroline Biles

Great cause, Greg. Good job and good luck.”
– Kevin McGarty