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Day 3- Rumble Strips and Route 17N

We started from the hotel in Brunswick GA. While we were packing up a guy approached us asking what we were all about. He lives in Maryland and is in a bike group called Christian Cyclists. He really wants to meet up with us when we go through Maryland and possibly ride a bit with us. We gave him a CCALS hat, which he promptly put on.

The first 20 miles of the ride today was beautiful leaving the hotel and onto a paved bike path and then a beautifully tree-lined street with no traffic. The skies were cloudy and cool when we started but when we made it to Darien GA the sun came out. Then the real fun began once we turned onto 17N there was little shoulder with these heavily grooved rumble strips that we definitely tried to avoid. There was a really bad accident on Interstate 95 so they rerouted all the traffic to 17 but luckily southbound. The back up was about 10 miles. Once past all of this, we stopped in Richmond Hill GA to do an interview with WJCL, an ABC affiliate out of  Savannah. The reporter had Jim hooked up to cameras and go pros and the car he was driving had a camera on the side and back of it. He then followed us along the route so he could get some live action footage! This interview should air tonight at 7:15pm.

All in all it was a great day and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

with rider 2
savannah sign