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Day 27- The day of flats

Tires that is, not terrain. It was pretty chilly today (about 48 and cloudy). The day started with Diane’s tire having a blow out luckily it showed itself before we left the hotel. We think it was due to the four wheeling we did on yesterday’s trail. It was definitely not made for skinny tires. So tire and tube changed. off we went. We had chosen the slightly longer route (52 miles) with “moderate hills” but somewhere along the way Google changed our route without our knowledge to 50 miles and “steep hills”. This was the hilliest ride yet with several long steep hills in the first 40 miles. But alas the last 10 were on a wonderful paved bike trail however, it started to rain. But we were determined to finish the ride so in the rain it shall be. There happened to be a detour on the bike path after about 8 miles in so off the trail we went under a bridge and pop Jim’s tire flatted. It was great that we could change it under the bridge and not get as wet. At that point we had 2.2 miles left but determined we were to go the distance so off we continued. By now it was pouring and the roads had some deep puddles on them. So Jim and Diane finished water logged, but happy.  Once we got to Newport we had an interview with Christian the founder of Newport Buzz. One more long ride and we are in Falmouth! Newport to Wareham tomorrow.