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Day 22 – PA to NJ to NYC

We were on a gravel trail in the woods for 19 miles which for traffic was nice but on a Tri bike and road bike it’s a little slow going but beautiful.  Then the real fun began as we weaved through Newark- not recommended- and ended up being routed to a bridge and tunnel that bikes cannot go on. So, we were a couple of miles short of Hoboken but that’s ok better safe than sorry. We went to Carlo’s Bakery - The Cake Boss- his mother had ALS. Then we headed over to Yonkers. Tomorrow, we stay in Yonkers for the event and some bike rest before the last push next week!

Photo Apr 22 2023, 11 22 36 AM
Photo Apr 22 2023, 3 05 21 PM
Photo Apr 22 2023, 3 41 40 PM