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Day 19- oops the van, a flat and a flooded road

Yesterday we unfortunately ran over a rock that damaged the undercarriage so it’s out for repair this morning. We decided after 18 days that we wanted a different breakfast, so IHOP it was- yummy. All fueled we headed to Wilmington where we met up with a CCALS family. Unfortunately, there was only one biking route to Wilmington and it was on busy route 40 so it wasn’t the most pleasant ride, but the bike lane was nice and wide. We also had our first flat, but that was the first one in over 900 miles! Not bad after all the junk we ran over in Baltimore yesterday.   The last mishap was a flooded-out road that we had to ride around. We forgot the GPS today which is a bummer, but we’ve only done that a few times in all 19 days. Let the countdown begin. 10 days left! Off to Lancaster PA tomorrow.

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