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Day 17- All the Monuments!

We enjoyed this beautiful, sunny, 50-mile ride through DC and stopped at all of the monuments. It’s spring break so it was busy, but traffic was very light as it is Emancipation Day today. We have been so lucky with city traffic this whole bike trip! We stopped at the National Enforcement Memorial for Jim to pay tribute to his friend, Bob Martell, who was shot in the line of duty. At this memorial we happened to meet the CEO of the National Enforcement Memorial! She was waiting for a congressman to meet her, so she asked us what we were doing. We then left there and headed to Baltimore. The bike trail systems throughout VA, DC and MD on this leg were fantastic to keep us off the roads. Because of all the stops it made for a long day, but well worth it! Off to Delaware tomorrow.

Photo Apr 17 2023, 10 18 04 AM
Photo Apr 17 2023, 10 52 51 AM
Photo Apr 17 2023, 10 18 15 AM
Photo Apr 17 2023, 10 57 34 AM