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Day 15- Falmouth VA and Fredericksburg-the Perfect Day!

The weather was perfect! We made it to Falmouth VA! We also stopped at several Civil War Battlefields and historic landmarks. Stonewall Jackson’s Death Site, the Slaughter Fields, Chatham Manor, Falmouth Park. and the Forlorn Hope cemetery. We then rode back to Fredericksburg where Jim had to leave his bike at the Trek store to hopefully have them add brake fluid to his disc brakes. In the meantime, we walked all along downtown Fredericksburg shops and ate on the roof of a great lunch place. Off to Alexandria tomorrow a day ahead of schedule. We will also go to one of our bank sponsors, The Clark Bank, to take a picture.

Photo Apr 15 2023, 9 20 18 AM
Photo Apr 15 2023, 9 28 58 AM
Photo Apr 15 2023, 11 12 33 AM