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Day 11- Raleigh

Raleigh what a fun city you are. We had a great soulful ride in Raleigh all around the parks and lakes. We saw a herd of deer that was just beautiful. It was cool to start but the perfect ride day nice and sunny. After yesterday’s wind, bad hotel and back issues, today’s soulful, although somewhat hilly 30 miles felt good.  Diane’s shifter cable broke so we needed to get that fixed. Hotel had no laundry services so we also found a laundromat. Near the bike shop we found a great sushi restaurant and had a surprisingly delicious meal. Tomorrow we go to an ALS clinic in Durham first thing in the morning and then ride to Henderson.

Photo Apr 11 2023, 2 02 58 PM
Photo Apr 11 2023, 10 36 08 AM
Photo Apr 11 2023, 11 49 44 AM