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Fred 'Chip' Bargetzi

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Published on January 5, 2021

Fred “Chip” Bargetzi. age 53, succumbed to his battle with ALS. He is survived by his wife of 27 years Beth, daughter Madison, and son Alex. Uncle to Daniel, James and Katherine Bell and Jacalyn Czel.

Fred Bargetzi transformed workplace technology during his 30-year career at Crestron Electronics. As the CTO, he oversaw all aspects of the people and technologies that make Crestron synonymous with innovation in smart workplaces and homes. His efforts have touched the places people learn, live, and work on every continent and in every industry.

Leading a global team of over 500 engineers focused on wide ranging technologies from control and automation to digital content distribution, he fundamentally reshaped Crestron and the broader AV industry. Changing an industry from analog to digital, isolated to networked, proprietary to open, wired to wireless – his efforts reshaped workplace technology as we know it, greatly changing the workplace of today and tomorrow.

Widely respected as a mentor and coach, his people-first approach resulted in countless industry awards and patents. With a unique ability to spot technological trends, overcome objections and articulate an actionable vision, he led cross-functional development teams resulting in transformative corporate growth, keeping the people and technology of Crestron one step ahead of the competition.

Fred held a bachelor’s degree of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Buffalo and was a frequent speaker at industry conferences discussing new technology, the future of work and the impacts it will have on residences and workplaces around the globe. A car nut, tinkerer and inventor, he was best known for his warm smile, quick wit and passion for his family.