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Motivated to Move is more than a catchy phrase. It’s a movement. And more than a movement – it’s a movement with genuine purpose.

Founded in November of 2019 by Katie Penta, Keith Benjamin, Joey Welling and Gillian Zettler, M2M seeks to raise awareness and funds for ALS. Drawing inspiration from the fighting spirits and gracious hearts of Katie’s mom and Keith’s dad, the group decided that they could build a movement to honor those who had lost their lives to ALS. That the simple act of sweating, because you can, could bind communities together in gratitude.

In partnership with Ron Hoffman and his team at Compassionate Care ALS, Motivated to Move raised over $30,000 in it’s first event endeavor. One cold November morning, three workouts, and 105 sweaty humans showed up in gratitude for their ability to put their bodies to work in honor of those who could not.

The event was the first installment of many to come. Follow @motivated2moveCHS and @ccals to stay up to date on the exciting future this partnership and movement have in store.