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My mother, Wanda Dyer, was the most optimistic, kind, lively woman. She was always kind and patient and full of laughter. She was a teacher for over 35 years and I still run into her students who had the privilege of being in her classroom. They always say “she was my favorite teacher!” To that I say mine too. She was diagnosed with ALS in April of 2013. We lost her to the disease a mere 2 years later in November of 2015. Throughout her battle with ALS she remained optimistic, patient, and kind. Even on her last days she managed to find the strength to smile. She was and will forever be my biggest teacher.

I met Ron Hoffman after my mother’s passing thru a friend in the ALS world. From the moment I met Ron our purpose was in alignment; help those battling with ALS find a better quality of life. My mother was able to have equipment and care that many do not have access to. Ron’s mission and now mine is to help patients and families get what they need when they need it. I am forever grateful to have found Compassionate Care ALS and this opportunity to run in honor of my mother will be one of my life’s proudest moments.




Katie Haught
Tyler Benjamin
Jackie McKelvey
Kara Grogan
Nicole Barnard
Jennifer Eaves
Maggie Mehringer
Scott Dyer
Andrea Soave Provenzano
Anthony Leadem
Christine Jablon
Becca Cook
Meghan M White
Amanda Roberts
Lindsay Joyner
Taylor Mitchell
Amanda Powers
Hilary Benjamin
Jackie Ball
Maria Miller
Carter Foxworth
lura delaney
Catherine Meyer
Michael Demchak
Brian Kurtz
Sarah Frick
Anne Cook
Abbey Kron
michael asch
Gabriella Totokotsopoulos
Patty Christie
Abby Frick
Bryn Kelly
Katie Linton
Kelsey Puddington
Nina Dulle
Leah Baller
Amey Warder
Anita Penta
Kristi McFarlane
Sophia Masters
Katie Strumpf
Rita Giordano
Jan Stone Allen
Lauren Fox
Kathryn Becker
Gina McManus
Nancy Akers
Charles Dyer
Suzanne Groover
Andrea Grissom
Phil Griesinger


"on behalf of lululemon King Street"
- Katie Haught

"This will be double matched by Netflix"
- Tyler Benjamin

"So proud of you <3 TRACKING YOU CRUSH THIS RUN!!!"
- Jackie McKelvey

"Go Katie Go!"
- Nicole Barnard

"So proud of you. You inspire me ❤️"
- Jennifer Eaves

"You’re amazing. I miss you and best of luck❤️"
- Maggie Mehringer

"Great cause. Good luck Katie!"
- Scott Dyer

"Run Katie , Run!!! Sending Love ❤️ and Hugs !! Xo Andrea and Chris"
- Andrea Soave Provenzano

"Go Katie!!"
- Meghan M White

"So proud of you! One of my best friend’s father’s is currently in his 3rd year of battling this horrible disease-so thank you for continuing the fight in memory of your mother!"
- Lindsay Joyner

"Love you Katie!! Go get em :)! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️"
- Taylor Mitchell

"Good luck Katie!!!! I know you will crush it!!!"
- Maria Miller

"works cycle fam!!"
- lura delaney

"Good luck Katie!"
- Michael Demchak

"Cheering you on KP!"
- Katie Linton

"In support of Tom Hodges battle"
- Leah Baller

"Run, Katie, Run! It’s such a gift to move for those who can’t. You and I know that all too well."
- Katie Strumpf

"Good luck and thanks for doing this! Donating in honor of my sister who is a pALS!"
- Rita Giordano

"Go Katie!!!!!"
- Suzanne Groover