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I am honored to run the 2024 Boston Marathon, representing CCALS, an organization that continues to go above and beyond in their mission. I was first introduced to Ron Hoffman and Compassionate Care ALS through Andrew Frates, an ALS advocate and the younger brother of the late Pete Frates. I immediately noticed the significant impact of the organization through its unwavering care and support for individuals living with ALS, along with their families and communities.

In life, I am often reminded of the words, “Be passionate, be genuine, be hardworking, and don’t ever be afraid to be great.” These profound words are a legacy of the beloved Pete Frates — a mentor, a friend, and hero in my life and the lives of so many. Pete was a man who taught us all meaningful lessons through the way in which he chose to live his life — with courage and purpose — amidst a long-fought seven year battle with ALS. We will forever be grateful for you, Pete, and for all that you gave to leave this world a much better place. This one’s for you!

I would also like to dedicate this run to Marguerite Cullen, a family friend who lost her battle to ALS in 2007, to my friend Tim Hoffman who was diagnosed in 2020 and continues his battle today, and to all of the courageous individuals who have fought and continue to fight against this unrelenting disease. I recently learned that CCALS was a part of Marguerite’s journey over 17 years ago and is also a valuable resource to Tim today. CCALS never ceases to amaze me with the depth and reach of their support.

Please join me in supporting Compassionate Care ALS and sponsor me on my journey to the Boston Marathon. Thank you so much for your support!





Marc Roche
Barbara Laronde
Wendy Troy
Marianne Sullivan
Zanna Ollove
Michael and Martha Ryan
Drew Stanton
Joseph Adams
Kevin O'Leary
Scott Braren
Luke Fernandes
John Gorman
Chris Ketchen
Michelle and Bob Wolpe
Ray Mortali
Suzanne and Joe Adams
Jared Sundstrom
Paul Ghostlaw
Doreen Murray
Lauren Wlodarczyk
Gayle Dignam
John West
Kevin Connor
Julie Umano
Ben Sampson
Kevin Cousineau
Bill Rockwood
Kristen Jordan
Kevin Cousineau
Tatiana Abrego
Michele King
Brooke Troy
James Adams
Danny Kelly
Karen Sullivan
Tim Hoffman
Dan Hoffman
Joseph Cronin
Chris Shaw
Ben Williamson
Maguire Wiswall
Michael and Sheila King
Joan Adams
Nick Sciortino
Thomas Lane
Zach Stromberg
Tim Forster
Bailey Tangney
Brian Craven
karl Ivester
Joseph Suozzi
Rocky Morrison
Barbara Laronde
Linda Hager
Mike Rando
John Nicklas
Thomas Demarais


"Go, Johnny - yet another example of your compassion and strength. Have a great run! The Larondes"
- Barbara Laronde

"Best of Luck tomorrow Johnny! We are so grateful for your efforts as well as for CCALS!!! We will be cheering for you! The Troy Family"
- Wendy Troy

"Best of luck tomorrow! Love all the Sullys"
- Marianne Sullivan

"Good luck Johnny!"
- Zanna Ollove

"We all need more inspiration and kindness. Thank you Johnny for being such an example of both. Love from all the Ryans!"
- Michael and Martha Ryan

- Drew Stanton

"The O'Leary's"
- Kevin O'Leary

"Cmon JA!"
- Scott Braren

"Go get em Johnny A! -----The Ketchen's"
- Chris Ketchen

"Let’s go Johnboy!!"
- Ray Mortali

"Have an amazing run🏃🏻❤️"
- Suzanne and Joe Adams

"Thank you Johnny for training and running in support of an incredible cause. Always so proud of you!!!"
- Doreen Murray

"This is incredible Johnny! You’re the ultimate teammate!"
- Lauren Wlodarczyk

"You got this Johnny! Xo Gayle"
- Gayle Dignam

"Good luck! See you out there (assume you’ll be miles ahead of me though)"
- Ben Sampson

"Good luck Johnny - my family and I are so grateful for Compassionate Care and all they have done for my dads journey with ALS. Thank you for supporting such an incredible cause!! Run fast and we'll be cheering you on!"
- Brooke Troy

"Go get 'em JohnBoy - great cause to support - J-Bird, Linny, Jim, Julz, and Jax"
- James Adams

"Good Luck. CCALS is a wonderful organization. They have been there for Tim and myself while Tim battles ALS."
- Dan Hoffman

"Hum JA! High knees for 26.2! PF3."
- Chris Shaw

"Good luck Johnny!"
- Maguire Wiswall

"Love you Pup! Awesome what you are doing here."
- Nick Sciortino

"Good luck JA!"
- Thomas Lane

"Let’s go JA #forPete"
- Zach Stromberg

- Bailey Tangney

"Thank you for the Incredible effort from Danny Meghan & Jayne"
- karl Ivester

"Good luck, Johnny!! 🏃🏽‍♂️💨"
- Mike Rando

"Love it, Johnny! Good luck- Syd & John"
- John Nicklas

- Thomas Demarais