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I am proud to announce that I am running the 2020 Boston Marathon in loving memory of my husband Luther Halwadjian and my grandfather Phillip Hopkins.

When my husband Luther Halwadjian was diagnosed with ALS, we thought that it must be a mistake. How could this be happening to us? After losing my grandfather, Phillip Hopkins to ALS in 2007, I had witnessed the devastating effects of this disease and could not believe my 40 year old husband would be fighting for his life.

The first day we met Ron Hoffman from Compassionate Care ALS, he visited us at our home. That day we finally had someone offering us hope during dark times. Ron looked at Luther and told him he saw a man with life left to live. Ron offered us friendship and we no longer felt alone in this fight. Ron visited us multiple times and would call and text to check in just to see how we were doing. Ron taught my husband Lou different was to play with our son Alex, who was only 3 years old at the time. Beyond that, Ron helped us obtain necessary medical equipment and offered financial support to help with the burden that comes with an ALS diagnosis. Luther and I were so lucky to have made a dear friend in Ron.

My husband Luther lost his courageous battle with ALS on November 16, 2019, less than one year after his diagnosis.

I will be running the Boston Marathon to honor both my husband and my grandfather. In support of my friend Ron Hoffman’s organization Compassionate Care ALS, it is my hope that through your donations more families struggling with an ALS diagnosis can be helped.

Thank you for your support,
Jessica Connors Halwadjian

Checks can be sent to:
CCALS – Connors Marathon
PO Box 1052
West Falmouth, MA 02574




Michael Kerr
Amanda Dobbins
Andrea Caggiano
Shaun Duffy
Barbara & Jack Crowley
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James & Tina Ghikas
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“Go Jess! We’ll be cheering you on!”
– Amanda Dobbins

“You’re an inspiration Jess! So proud of you!”
– Andrea Caggiano

“Keep up the running Jessica! Good luck to you and Alex!”
– Shaun Duffy

“Jessica – good luck… & God Bless”
– Tom & Elaine

“Good luck Jess!!”
– Mimi Miller

“Godspeed! Love you, Jess!”
– Amy Blanaru

“We Love you Jessica we will be cheering you on. Love always Charles, Arlene, Sophia and Shahe”