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I met my husband Luther Halwadjian in 2010. He was kind and selfless and always put others first. He was constantly surrounded by his many friends and family who referred to him as Lou. We were married by 2014 and shortly after were pregnant with a little boy Alex. By 2018 we were both business owners and parents of a toddler living a fast paced life. Lou began feeling fatigued and experiencing muscle spasms, we just thought these were normal things for someone that was working too hard. When Lou began having trouble picking up our three year old son we began to realize something more was wrong.

After beginning a number of doctors appointments we started to lead towards an ALS diagnosis. I had lost my grandfather Philip Hopkins to ALS in 2007. I had already seen how cruel of a disease ALS can be.

When someone in your family receives a fatal disease diagnosis you feel angry, scared, and alone there’s so many unanswered questions. This is where Ron comes in he helps you navigate through the emotional and physical changes that we were about to experience. Lou was an active dad who loved playing with our son Alex and riding his motorcycle and it just a few short months he was wheelchair-bound with only the ability to move two of his fingers.

Ron treated Lou as a friend never looked at him as someone that was sick he looked at him as someone with a life left to live. Ron was able to provide equipment we needed to adapt to Lous new disabilities but more importantly he showed Lou new ways to interact with our son and that is what he needed most.

Lou lost his battle with ALS on November 16th 2019 at just 41 years old. Words could never express how grateful my family was to have met Ron, by supporting my 2022 Boston marathon run I would be able to give something back to CCALS who did so much for me and my family. We would able to help Ron and his team reach more families who desperately need them.




Noelle Spinosa
Evan Protasowicki


"I am so sorry for your loss and pain. Praying for healing"
- Noelle Spinosa

"Good luck on your marathon run!"
- Evan Protasowicki