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We all need some level of healing, but sometimes, we are too broken to see it. Throughout our lives we have encountered heartbreak, disappointment, failure, disloyalty, toxic relationships, unmet expectations, and the list goes on. Very often, we don't see how these encounters have impacted us until we look at our lives and realize we are far from the life we desired. There is peace in knowing that despite what we have encountered and how long we have been broken, God can heal our brokenness if we give it to Him.

From Brokenness to Queendomness doubles as a memoir of Author Andrea Y. Green's healing process, and a tool to encourage women on their journey of healing. This interactive book includes personal reflection questions and "queendom" nuggets women can use as they embrace healing and discover their identity as Queens.


About the Author

As a life coach and mentor, Andrea is on a God-ordained mission to help women overcome toxic relationships and toxic thinking through Godly principles. Her clients and mentees know her as The Restart Life Coach. By the grace of God, Andrea has helped redirect many women and young girls on their path to discovering their God-given identity and purpose.