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Doug’s CCALS Fundraiser


Doug's ALS Journey: Defying Limits and Living Fully

I was first introduced to CCALS shortly after my diagnosis. From Ron's reassuring words of "we will be here the whole way with you" to the expertise of the CCALS team, I immediately felt supported by the entire organization —thank you all!

I also was introduced to support groups and connected with others on similar journeys, which has been immensely beneficial.

I visited the beautiful CCALS Heald Center where I met friends and was greeted by the warm staff, then took time to sit in serenity. CCALS has done a wonderful job with the facility, offering those with ALS and their families a place to relax and connect with resourceful staff members.

Participating in last year’s fundraising walk, Stroll and Roll, was a deeply moving experience. I saw the scope and size of those they helped and help love. With the incredible generosity of supporters, we raised $4,000— an achievement that filled me with gratitude and pride.

Now, I am eager to embark on another fundraising endeavor to further CCALS' mission. I am determined to double my fundraising goal to $8,000 for this fundraiser. Please join me in supporting Compassionate Care ALS.

Finally, I wish to express my deep gratitude to my family, friends, and my faithful companion, Sonny (some of whom you can see in the pictures), for their support. Thank you so much for your donation.

Much love,

raised of $8,000 goal




Mike Watts
Tom Hammer
Danielle LaBianca
Tina Young
Ted Battaglia
Walter Trusdell
Deb Powers
Paul Scittarelli
Frank Poliferno
David Zakur
Rick Floreani
Marie Christner
Ronald Bergenheim
Michael Ryan Korn
Scott Hamilton
Nicholas Segretario
Beth Marso
Tony Tony
Liz Lauth Ennis
Carrie Colby
Megan Costello
Debra Smith
Tom O'Toole
David Hutchinson
Jean McKinney
Ken Nelson
Guy Petit
Sarah Powers
Ali Wenzel
Rich Caswell
Janice Costello
Ed Villeda
Keith Gilchrist
Jennifer Hubbell
Michael Bloom
Christopher Lush
Wayne Jarvis
Ryan Hoyt
MaryBeth Vellequette
Tom Costello
Sean Sweeney
Susan Roche
Lisa Damomma
Julianne Armillotto
Tommy Rossi
Brian Costello
Laurie Lombardi
Ste Pal
Jose Carlos
Marty Mandel
Liz Faris Coccio
Jim O'Connor
Martin DeFelice
Leon James
Terri Luvera
Ben Treadwell
Blake McKinney
Matt Greenia
Mark LaMorie
Eric Chaves
Gordon Bernstein
Laura Dexter
Marc Pascale
Marcelo Cássia
Jeff & Jen Pitts
Paul Bacigalupo
Kelly Harmon
Mary Baker
Shannon O'Brien
Scott Terra
Frank Iamelli
kristin Draper
David Lynch
Stefan Russell
Danny Marsili
Gabriel Simoes
Rob Sousa
Francisco Andrade
Barry Murphy
Tom Wynn
Ken Kard
Lori Lehan
Kim Fox
Scott Helms
John Warzala
Ken Fleming
Evangelos Stowell
Brandon Perras-Sanchez
Auburn Insurance
Justin and Moosey Shaw
Scott Hawkins
Tom Mahoney
Rory Woonsue
Tom Wightman
Douglas Duford


"Wings and beer nights were always a blast. Always a great time with you Doug. Many more memories in the future. Love Tom"
- Tom Hammer

"Sending you love my buddy"
- Paul Scittarelli

"Your incredible Doug! Stay Strong"
- Frank Poliferno

"Sending our love and support!"
- David Zakur

"Keep being that brighttest star around no matter what part of the day or night it is"
- Marie Christner

"My dear friend Doug. Sending Doug’s strength and love. Ronald Bergenheim"
- Ronald Bergenheim

"Thinking of you Doug!"
- Michael Ryan Korn

"From your Dexter Training Concepts Family. You inspire us! Keep sharing your strength Doug! 💪🏻💛"
- Laura Dexter

"God Bless you 🙏🏼"
- Marcelo Cássia

"Hoping to help get you closer to your goal. ~Jeff & Jen~"
- Jeff & Jen Pitts

"Dougie Fresh!! Sending Good vibes your way!!"
- Paul Bacigalupo

"You keep smiling…so, we will too. Love you Doug!!!! Mary and Don Baker"
- Mary Baker

"Sending love your way! Shannon O’Brien"
- Shannon O'Brien

"Hoping this small donation makes your journey a softer gentler one. ❤️"
- Frank Iamelli

"Keep fighting the good fight and I'll be there to hold your hand!"
- kristin Draper

"For Doug- such an amazing human being! ❤️"
- David Lynch

"Sending Doug strength, love and respect."
- Danny Marsili

- Gabriel Simoes

- Rob Sousa

"Be strong"
- Francisco Andrade


"Glad to support."
- Ken Kard

"Tim and I are happy to support those that support our dear friend Doug Duford. It’s the least we can do. With all our love to Doug and anyone going through this journey. Scott & Tim"
- Scott Helms

"Thanks so much for sharing your story, Doug. It’s easy to forget that our time on this world is finite, I can’t imagine what it feels like to know that time could be cut short. Even in the brief time we spent together years ago in P-town, it quickly became clear that you are a fun guy with positive energy and a real spirit for life. The fact that you are still the same guy despite this news says everything. I’m sure that there have been some difficult moments in the past two years, Scott and I are always here if you need anything. Thanks for being such a role model to the world by taking on this news so beautifully. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime. Much love ❤️ John"
- John Warzala

"100% support Doug."
- Ken Fleming

- Auburn Insurance

"Love you, Big Fella."
- Justin and Moosey Shaw

"Much love Doug."
- Rory Woonsue

"Love Ya Doug❤️"
- Tom Wightman

"Kickin it off with my own donation ❤️"
- Douglas Duford