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I am honored to be running the 2022 Boston Marathon for Compassionate Care ALS.

My father, Paul Jensen, was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2018. Prior to his diagnosis, our family had only heard of ALS because of the ice bucket challenge. We quickly learned that ALS is absolutely heartbreaking and slowly takes away a person’s ability to control the muscles needed to move, speak, eat, and breathe. Sadly, we lost Paul on November 11, 2020. The mental, physical, and financial toll of the disease is unfathomable and I can’t imagine how we could have endured it without the help of Compassionate Care ALS.

Not long after Paul was diagnosed, Ron Hoffman entered into our lives. I still remember the first time that Ron visited our home and sat with my parents and me around our kitchen table and talked about ALS. That afternoon, in the kindest most thoughtful way, Ron taught us ALS 101. For the first time since my dad was diagnosed, someone was actually talking to us about what we needed to do day-to-day to help Paul navigate. There will never be enough words to express how grateful we were to have Ron and CCALS.

As his disease progressed, Paul continued to talk to Ron. They debriefed doctors appointments, discussed home-equipment needs, and dreamt about ground-breaking ALS research. Knowing that CCALS shared Paul’s vision and supported his dogged (and sometimes daunting) determination to participate in clinical trials meant so much to us.

As my dad’s health deteriorated, our gratitude for CCALS grew exponentially. CCALS was there to help us with wheelchairs, shower seats, bathroom renovations, ramps, and computer equipment. Like good friends, Ron and his team always had our backs. We will forever appreciate the invaluable services that CCALS provides to family members, caregivers, and patients with ALS.

It is a privilege to run the Boston Marathon on behalf of CCALS. My sisters, mother, and I will never stop trying to help those with ALS – the Jensen gals are committed for life! There is nothing I want more than to honor my Dad’s memory and raise money to support other families living with ALS.

In 2019, I ran my first Boston Marathon for Paul. It was so fun seeing his smiling face along the route. He was my best coach and biggest cheerleader, often setting lofty goals for his adventurous daughter – and yes, Coach Jensen, this time I will keep a better pace. Not seeing him at mile 13 will really suck, but I know my dad will be there with me, cheering me on as I sprint to the finish line.




Robert Egan
Max Wolf
Min Day
Greg Danford
Lucy Leske
frank twarog
Ilene Fenichel
Gregory Brennan
BRENDA McDonough
Bernard Coffin
Randy and Ned Wight
Jenny Paradis
Rhiannon Vogl
Seth Gottlieb
Matt Kisiday
Kathy MacDonald
Carlisle Jensen
Danielle Frederick
Lynn Crowell
Virginia Eilertson
Rebecca Woodley-Oliver
Marguerite Love
Mara Weiner
Kaitlyn Clinger
Toni Love
Richard & Sharon Hussey
Meghan Weeks
Carlisle Jensen
Allyson Mitchell
Amy & Jay Joyce
Sharron Chalke
Rich Brannigan II
Karla Butler
Carlisle Jensen
Kate Olson
The Kelsey’s
Carlisle Jensen
Samantha Roy
Hannah Pasman
Sharon Robinson
Jean & Garth Grimmer
Ben Zieff
Bettina Weiss
Barbara Chisholm
Mary Josephine Dickerson
Erikka Perkins
Lily & Kate Orlin
Eleanor Weller Antonietti
Kim Horyn and Family
Joan Macallister
Woody and Janie Kay
Patricia Pastuszak
Ann & David Webb
James Meehan
Deborah and Don Van Dyke
James Coyne
Todd and Liz Winship
Margaretta Andrews
The Mitchells
Jay McConnell
Katie McInerney
Courtney McKechnie
Cecil Barron Jensen
Georgine Anton
Janet Hart
Tammy Stapleton
Tom Brennan
Katey Burke
Cynthia McClintock
sheila daume
Sarah Dickerson
Forrest Rodts
Hilary Finnegan
David Zieff
Ana Ericksen
Jocelyn Beni
Elisabeth English
Pammy Griffin
Steve & Peggi Godwin
Alison Townsend
James 'jeff' Crowley
noelle and chris maroney
Bob Felch
Criss and David Troast
Kim Crew
Emily Molden
Leith Hill
Mary Lacoursiere
Lucy Cobb
Gabrielle LaFavre
Deb Martin
Magee Detmer
Laura Belair
Holly Johnson
Beth Ann Meehan
Carlisle Jensen
Meryl Sousa
Claire Roper
Sarah Banks
Jodie Barron-Sluga
Mike Wynne
Jennifer Brennan
Claire Jensen
Christina Peterson
Liz LaBreche
Cynthia Brennan
Nathan Tirk
Marjory Trott
Allan Bell
Brianne Cobb
Ruth Klinck
Beth Ann Meehan
Lynne Begier
Allie Robbins
Tim Duncombe
Perrin McCusker
Hannah Rubin
Ann and Michael Sweet
Claire Martin
Katie Lynne Dinn
Cache Angus
Gabriel Frasca
Grace Jensen
Martha and Ted Tirk
Carlisle Jensen
Caroline Sizer
Thomas Kilgour
Kyra White
Fredda Mangel
Art Kilgour
Brooke Larner
Carlisle Jensen


"We are very proud of Carlisle for supporting this much needed service"
- Robert Egan

"Congratulations, Carlisle! We can’t even DRIVE 26 miles. Love, Max & Olly"
- Max Wolf

"Great run! Paul would be oh so proud! Love Min Iz Gus Luly x"
- Min Day

"Great job Carlisle. Your dad would be proud."
- Greg Danford

"Thanks for your dedication!"
- frank twarog

"Carlisle, We hope that you enjoy every step of this special 26.2 miles."
- BRENDA McDonough

"Thinking of your dad today"
- Randy and Ned Wight

"Go Carlisle! We love you!"
- Seth Gottlieb

"Good luck!!!"
- Matt Kisiday

"Best of luck in your run for this worthy cause. I know you’ll feel your Dad’s support as you run."
- Kathy MacDonald

"Venmo: Raith Family, Corpor/ Burdon Family, Erin Holmes, Nicci, Hanna, and Ben!"
- Carlisle Jensen

"You go girl!!"
- Danielle Frederick

"Go Carly! Good luck tomorrow - you’re going to be amazing!"
- Rebecca Woodley-Oliver

"Good luck tomorrow! You’re my hero, love you! -Marge"
- Marguerite Love

"you go girl!!"
- Mara Weiner

"Best of luck!! You go girl XO"
- Kaitlyn Clinger

"We love you Carly, continue the fight!"
- Toni Love

"Run like the wind, Carlisle! We’ll be rooting for you and cheering you across the finish line!"
- Meghan Weeks

"From: Allie, Emily M, Kaitlin, Eli, Kyra , and Alison Y."
- Carlisle Jensen

"Yaaaaaaay Carlisle!!!"
- Allyson Mitchell

"You’ve got this! Let’s find a cure!"
- Amy & Jay Joyce

"Carlisle, best wishes on your run and thinking of you and your dad! Sharron & Peter"
- Sharron Chalke

"Have a great run!"
- Rich Brannigan II

"We will be thinking of you on Monday. Your father an incredible man. Thinking of you and your Gal team. Best wishes, Karla and Stephen Butler Let’s find a cure for ALS💗"
- Karla Butler

"from Pat Wynn & the Emerys"
- Carlisle Jensen

"Sending you so much love! xo Kate & Jarrett"
- Kate Olson

"From:Chris Sleeper, Jessie, and Merrill (in memory of two really great dads, Steve and Paul)."
- Carlisle Jensen

- Samantha Roy

"With gratitude and best wishes Sharon and Frank Robinson"
- Sharon Robinson

"Rooting for you Carlisle!Cheers, J&G"
- Jean & Garth Grimmer

"Good luck! Going to be a great day!!"
- Ben Zieff

"Go Carlisle!"
- Bettina Weiss

"Go CARLES!!! ❤️❤️❤️"
- Barbara Chisholm

"I wish my unemployed ass could afford to donate more, but I’m so proud of you!!!! The amount you train, the money you raise, the heart you put into your races - it’s all an inspiration. Good luck this year! I’ll be rooting for you!!!!"
- Mary Josephine Dickerson

"Best of luck with your race."
- Erikka Perkins

"Bravo! I also donated directly to CCALS but wanted to specifically honor your efforts too!"
- Eleanor Weller Antonietti

"Thinking of you and your family, Carlyle!"
- Kim Horyn and Family

"Good Luck Carlisle! Your Dad/ Coach is cheering you on and would be so proud of all your accomplishments Joan- Infusion at NCH"
- Joan Macallister

"Your Dad lives on in all of you. I know he'll be cheering you on. Me too."
- Patricia Pastuszak

"So Special - Good Luck"
- Ann & David Webb

"Don’t beat me by too much!"
- James Meehan

"We are inspired by your story, and the love for your Dad!"
- James Coyne

"You go girl!!"
- Margaretta Andrews

"Go Carlisle!"
- The Mitchells

"Go Carlisle!!!"
- Jay McConnell

"GO Carlisle GO! Run like the wind (but not the headwind that seems to be in both directions on Nantucket)!!"
- Courtney McKechnie

"Go, Carlisle, Go! xx Pep and Sunny"
- Cecil Barron Jensen

"Carlisle, I too lost my dad to this horrific disease last April. I missed his hugs along the course when I ran in October and will again in a few weeks. Have a beautiful run in memory of your dad."
- Tammy Stapleton

"Best of luck from the Westford Brennans!"
- Tom Brennan

"Proud of you Carlisle !! and your dear Dad is running along with you cheering you on !!!"
- sheila daume

"For Paul!!"
- Forrest Rodts

"wishing you all the best!"
- Ana Ericksen

"GO Carlisle!! xoxo"
- Jocelyn Beni

"Wishing you all the best for a great run and a great cause! We'll be cheering you on and hope to see you in the crowd! xo"
- Pammy Griffin

"Welcome to the Egan board...Jeff"
- James 'jeff' Crowley

"You are amazing Carlisle... like your sweet father!"
- Criss and David Troast

"I took one pottery class with Paul and was moved by his kindness and character."
- Kim Crew

"Carlisle, You've got this! Paul is watching and super proud of you! I hope to see you and your whole family soon. XOXOXO, Leith"
- Leith Hill

"We will all be cheering you on Carlisle, 4515 0510 and thinking of Paul with love, at the same time. The Martins 👍💕👍💕"
- Deb Martin

"Proud of you Carlisle! XO"
- Laura Belair

"Good luck! Your Dad would be so proud of you 🙌❣️🙌"
- Holly Johnson

"You’re Amazing Carlisle ! Have a great race !"
- Beth Ann Meehan

"From - Kathy Jones, Matt Sweet, Michaela Wetter, Hannah Kretvix, and Sara Gleason"
- Carlisle Jensen

"Always inspired by my fabulous friend of summer days! Go crush it Carly Rae! 💖💖💖"
- Claire Roper

"Way to go Carlisle! From your fave cousins Jack and Jodie!"
- Jodie Barron-Sluga

"Go get them girl!!!! Love Kian and Christina"
- Christina Peterson

"Go Carlisle, go!! Xoxo The LaBreche’s"
- Liz LaBreche

"Run Carlisle run! Your dad would be so proud of you continuing his fight."
- Cynthia Brennan

- Marjory Trott

"Great man, great family. Always enjoyed his calm demeanor."
- Allan Bell

"Way to go, Carlisle ❤️"
- Brianne Cobb

"Love love love! Big hugs and loud cheers for you and this organization."
- Ruth Klinck

"Go Carlisle !"
- Beth Ann Meehan

"You go girl!!!! - Allie and Ryan"
- Allie Robbins

"Best of luck Carlisle!!"
- Ann and Michael Sweet

"For you, for Paul, for the whole Jensen clan. Cheering you on the whole way fast gal! xo"
- Claire Martin

"Go, Carlisle, go."
- Gabriel Frasca

"Eat my bubbles, ALS!"
- Grace Jensen

"Go Carlisle - cheers to you, and cheers to Paul! OX💙💚"
- Martha and Ted Tirk

"From, Kadeem, Emma, Emily, Robin, and Amanda"
- Carlisle Jensen

"Good luck Carly! We love team Jensen <3"
- Caroline Sizer

"What a rock star! xx"

"Go Carlisle!!"
- Thomas Kilgour

"You're amazing Carlisle! <3"
- Kyra White

"Go Carlisle!!!!! Xo B & Z"
- Brooke Larner

"Love, Gordon."
- Carlisle Jensen