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Gregg Edelstein’s Ironman Arizona

November 19, 2017

In the past two years two of my friends have been diagnosed with ALS. Kevin was a business acquaintance turned friend whom I had known for years. I watched with great sadness as he declined and eventually passed in August of last year. Recently, and the dad of one of my daughter’s long-time friends who has grown to become a close family friend was also diagnosed with ALS. Steve has declined rapidly, and my heart breaks for him and his family on a daily basis. Being so connected to these two men, the diagnoses hit hard and I knew I needed to do something.

My first knowledge of ALS was via the Youtube videos I had watched of the amazing and inspirational Ironman finisher, Jon Blais, who continued to compete after an ALS diagnosis.

I decided to use my Ironman Arizona race (my 9th Ironman!!!) to raise funds for Compassionate Care ALS, an organization based in Falmouth, Massachusetts that is dedicated to helping individuals, their families and caregivers affected by this disease. I know that this organization has been instrumental in providing comfort for Steve and his family. I also know that ALS One, an organization founded by my friend Kevin prior to his passing, feels strongly that Compassionate Care ALS provides critical services in an effort to raise awareness and funds to assist individuals living with ALS.

On November 19th I will be at the starting line of Ironman AZ with Jon Blais’ Bib, number 179. Please know that I am beyond honored to be heading to the starting line with such history Sharpied on my arm. I have been training hard and promise you I will do everything to cross the finish line, making everyone that has crossed it before me, and those struggling with this journey proud.

Please join be in honoring Jon, Kevin and Steve by supporting Compassionate Care ALS and the amazing work they do for families affected by ALS.

With Gratitude,




Joseph Rabbitt
Joseph Kurilecz
Jason Tompkins
Jonathan Piccolo
Steven Dodge
Daniel Pontonio
Jennifer Reuling
Roseann Sdoia
Jason Tompkins
Stephen Dodge
Jonathan Piccolo
Jason Tompkins
Thomas Jordan
Patrick Leyne
Tracey Lavey
Ivan Millan
Fred & Barbara Edelstein
Peter Melmed
Brent McDonald
Jason Edwards
Larry Goldstein
Barbara Evans
Derrick Wurl
Steve and Shara Ertel


“Best of Luck to All!”
– Steven Dodge

“Good Luck!”
– Daniel Pontonio

“Such a good cause! Good luck with your 9th Ironman.”
– Jennifer Reuling

“Good luck Gregg! Thanks for all that you do for charity!”
– Roseann Sdoia

“Best of luck to all”
– Stephen Dodge

“Good luck Gregg!”
– Patrick Leyne

“Good luck Gregg!”
– Brent McDonald

“Good Luck!”
– Jason Edwards

“Go Gregg Go!! So honored that you are dedicating your race to Steve and others who have suffered from this awful disease.”
– Steve and Shara Ertel