Gifts of Stock and Securities

You can donate gifts of stock to Compassionate Care ALS and will receive a charitable deduction of the stock at full market value.
You may donate securities by notifying your broker that you wish to transfer them to Compassionate Care ALS. This is called a DTC transfer. In order to receive the proper acknowledgement for the gift, please advise Compassionate Care ALS of the gift by providing the gift amount and type of stock to:

Jeannine Lusignan at Morgan Stanley, The Kenary Group
Phone: 508-791-2311

Compassionate Care ALS account information is:
Account Name: Compassionate Care ALS
Account Number: 357899296
DTC Number: 0015

Please advise Compassionate Care ALS of the gift, providing the gift amount, type of stock, and donation date to

If you have any questions concerning this transfer, please call Ted at 617-731-5656 or email at Thank you for supporting Compassionate Care ALS!