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The Comm Ave Charity Classic Will Probably Be The Best Hockey Game In Boston You’ve Seen All Year

Feitelberg | June 25, 2015

So on Friday July 10th there’s going to be the first ever Comm Ave Classic at Walter Brown. One look at that roster will tell you that it’s going to be the best hockey you’ve seen in Boston in the last calendar year. It’s a legitimate who’s who of NHL stars, past and present, renewing the BC v BU rivalry with all proceeds benefiting Compassionate Care ALS in honor of Ron Perryman, Pete Frates, Dick Kelley, and all those affected by ALS.

Now I will admit, a little offended I won’t be suiting up. I don’t train with the Bruins Alumni team once a year to let these talents go to waste. In fact, we even got an email asking to promote the game and I immediately figured Dave and I would be playing. Apparently that’s not the case, as they don’t want us to embarrass professionals, and we were offered tickets instead. That cut deep. But Pete reached out yesterday and I’m putting my pride aside. What Pete wants Pete gets. It will be tough watching this from the stands when I know I deserve to be out there, but I’ll wear this one for the team. So come out on July 10th, watch what is practically an NHL All Star game, and drink a million beers. Gonna be a great time.