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David’s Swim Raises Over $115,000 For Compassionate Care ALS

Dr. David Garber

There is a bit of bad and a lot of good news to report regarding the 10th Annual David’s Old Silver Swim. First, here’s the bit of bad news. Like all summer sporting events, the actual swim scheduled for August 8 had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. This iconic swim held adjacent to Old Silver Beach typically attracted about 200 swimmers of all abilities, from Cape Cod Swim Club level to grandparents and doggy paddlers. They were all disappointed to miss out on a summer highlight. The good news is that many of the “regulars” conducted their own virtual swim and sent in photos to the event website which were fun, funny, and even inspirational. But the best news of all is that the virtual event was a fantastically successful fundraiser. So far, the swim has raised just north of $115,000. All of the proceeds will go to support the work of Compassionate Cares ALS (CCALS).

The swim was founded in honor of local dentist and avid swimmer David Garber. Since being diagnosed with ALS more than 12 years ago, David has lost the use of all of his muscles except for those controlling facial and eye movement. He requires a ventilator to breathe. As weak as David is on the outside, he is that much stronger on the inside. He continues to sign his letters: “still swinging for the fences and living large” and encourages friends to “live on the edge and dream big.” David talks with a device activated by his eye movements. By staring at a keyboard, he communicates his thoughts letter by letter. This advanced technology, maintained by CCALS, connects David to the outside and it is a life changer. CCALS is based right here in West Falmouth and the organization provides assistance to thousands of ALS patients around the country. CCALS offers patients like David the opportunity to dream big and to live large.

Hundreds of people helped make this year’s swim a success, either by participating in the virtual swim or by contributing to the event. On behalf of David and the board, we extend a heartfelt thank you. We also encourage you to visit the website in order to learn more about the event and to see some funny photos.

We look forward to seeing you on the beach in August 2021 for the 11th Annual David’s Old Silver Swim.