Michelle's Climbs for CCALS
Total Amount Raised: $1,407



On February 24, 2013, I intend to run my first ever marathon in Hyannis, Massachusetts in honor of my late father Richard Heidbreder. I will run this marathon to raise money for Compassionate Care ALS.

ALS is a disease that my family has become all too familiar with. It first touched our lives when my step mother Linda was diagnosed. At the time I didn’t understand exactly what was happening. I remember going to Disney World and being able to go to the front of all of the lines because she was in a wheel chair. By the time I was nine years old; she was failing and eventually passed leaving a huge hole in our lives.

More recently, my father Richard was diagnosed with the disease. Although his condition progressed more slowly, he began losing functionality in both his arms and then his legs. It was tough on our family watching this process and it was difficult for him to handle. He was eventually confined to a wheel chair and moved to a hospice house. We lost him a little over a year ago, but I still miss him every day.

Compassionate Care ALS played an integral role in the treatment of my father. They provided us with various items including a specialized wheel chair that allowed my father to sit comfortably. They also met with us frequently to discuss the state of my father’s care and truly made us feel as if we were part of their family. Having Compassionate Care ALS working with us made the whole situation so much easier, as our family was under constant strain.

Any amount that you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

Thomas Hulsen
Claudia Campbell
 Susan Doolin
Kelly Tracey
 Timothy Whiteley
 Kristin Hedibreder
 Andrew Guarino IV
 Juro Mukai
 Lisa Carlson
Joanne Holzgrafe
 Kent Adams
 Timothy Klaus
 David Hulsen
 Cheryl Hulsen
 Jane Hillis
 Cathy Mayotte
Katherine Hillis
Kunbi Oluwasusi
Kayla Wheaton
Scott Condren
Katlyn LaTorra
Ashley Crawford
 Richard Crampton


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