Joan completed the marathon in 4:07!!!!

to the Ed McKenney YOUTH Fund

I’m running the New York Marathon to honor the life of our brother Ed who we lost to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in January 2013. Ed bravely fought against the progression of this horrible disease with courage and determination. Ed loved being outdoors and had many interests including being a regular runner.  
The Ed McKenney Youth Fund at Compassionate Care ALS was established by my brother Ed so children and young adults who are or have dealt with family members with ALS are better able to cope with the challenges of living with this disease as home life of children and their families can be very intense.
One of the events sponsored by the Youth Fund was the “First Annual Youth Retreat” held this past July. The Youth Retreat was a 2 day program for 10-17 year olds held in Falmouth, MA. The retreat gave these children a chance to get away and have some fun which included participating in kayaking and rock climbing. 
Any donations to my brother’s fund would be greatly appreciated. The success of the Youth Fund was very important to Ed and as Ed’s family we would like to honor his wishes so his fund can continue to support future event’s.
With many thanks,
Joan McKenney on behalf of The McKenney Family


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