Michelle's Climbs for CCALS


My goal this spring, summer and fall is to climb all 48-4,000 foot peaks in NH between April 19th and December 19th. I have hiked many of them before but this will be a big challenge physically and mentally.

My name is Michelle Kerr. I am a 100 pound weakling with a big goal and a heart filled with inspiration from the hundreds of people with ALS that I have had the honor to meet and work with over the past 25 years. I am a Physical Therapist working in a wheelchair clinic at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston and have seen far too many people with ALS needing power wheelchairs and other equipment and services. I have learned from them far more than I think they have from me and feel that I can never do enough. Each person has touched my heart in their own unique way. Those who can no longer speak, speak volumes with the twinkle in their eyes that say that they are full of life and love and humor.

This story is not about me, it’s about each person I have met with ALS who struggles to live each day to its fullest. CCALS has helped so many cope through their journeys with ALS. Each person who has been helped by Ron Hoffman and CCALS comes into clinic with stories of how their lives were made easier by the support they have received from CCALS. My goal is to help them continue to do their work by raising as much funding and awareness as possible. The goal would be to raise $1,000 per peak. Any donations small or large would be appreciated. I will be dedicating 2 peaks in memory of friends/family who have passed. I encourage anyone who would like to dedicate a peak to a friend or family member in their memory or as encouragement to forward that information to me and I will include it as I climb each mountain. I will be taking a picture at each peak and posting my progress along this journey. Please visit this website for periodic updates.  Please consider donating to this amazing organization that gives comfort, support and compassion to those living with ALS.

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CCALS Sponsors
  Meg Simone Film & Video Art Ken Kerr
Michael Enis
 Melissa Bourque
Sunrise Medical
Michelle and David Kerr
Motion Concepts
Nelson Pang
Brad Peterson
Maureen Borque
Scott Lucey
Susan Farrell
ATG Rehab
Jennifer Buxton
Carol & Richard Dove
National Seating and Mobility Thomas Gelfuso
Roger Felske
 Urvashi Chogle
Hudson Seating and Mobility
 Patricia Andres
Rank Name Elevation Date Climbed In Honor Of Sponsors
1 Washington 6288 10/13/12 Barbara Caldwell Invacare
2 Adams 5774 7/7/12    
3 Jefferson 5712 7/7/12 Mark Rosen ATG rehab
4 Monroe 5384 9/2/12 Wayne Harris  
5 Madison 5367 8/19/12 Dick Sullivan Fran and Mike
6 Lafayette 5260 6/16/12 Gordon T Heald Permobil
7 Lincoln 5089 6/16/12 Jim Wallace  
8 South Twin 4902 7/21/12 Mike Berardi  
9 Carter Dome 4832 4/29/12 Darryl Goss NSM
10 Moosilauke 4802 10/27/12 Michael Okronglis Helen and Joseph Kerr
11 Eisenhower 4780 9/2/12    
12 North Twin 4761 7/21/12 Z Crocker  
13 Carrigain 4700 9/22/12 Sheldon Landau  
14 Bond 4698 7/21/12 Sam Lionetto  
15 Middle Carter 4610 6/9/12 Doug Oakley  
16 West Bond 4540 7/21/12 Danice Smith Sunrise Medical
17 Garfield 4500 10/12/12 Ernesto F Kathy Conley
18 Liberty 4459 6/16/12    
19 South Carter 4430 6/9/12 Doug Oakley  
20 Wildcat 4422 4/29/12   Hudson Seating
21 Hancock 4420 5/25/12 Arthur Marlin  
22 South Kinsman 4358 9/29/12 Chris Langer  
23 Field 4340 8/18/12 John Keator  
24 Osceola 4340 4/21/12    
25 Flume 4328 6/16/12    
26 South Hancock 4319 5/25/12 Frank Szymczyk  
27 Pierce 4310 9/2/12    
28 North Kinsman 4293 9/29/12 Robert Studley  
29 Willey 4285 8/18/12 Beth Barry  
30 Bondcliff 4265 7/21/12 Alvin Payne  
31 Zealand 4260 7/21/12 Jennifer Rosado  
32 North Tripyramid 4180 5/19/12 John E Marso  
33 Cabot 4170 10/6/12 Thomas Cunniff  
34 East Osceola 4156 4/21/12    
35 Middle Tripyramid 4140 5/19/12 Ronald Gosman  
36 Cannon 4100 9/15/12 Mitch Gart  
37 Hale 4054 5/9/12 Steven Alcott  
38 Jackson 4052 8/4/12 Michael Cline Michelle and
David Kerr
39 Tom 4051 8/18/12 Fred Mac Donald  
40 Wildcat, D Peak 4050 3/31/12 Dr. Lisa Krivickas Roger Felske
41 Moriah 4049 4/15/12 Sharon Appelman  
42 Passaconaway 4043 5/12/12 Sean Lucey by the Lucey and Farrell families  
43 Owl's Head 4025 7/2/12 George M Motion Concepts
44 Galehead 4024 7/21/12 Karen Langford  
45 Whiteface 4020 5/12/12 Bob Mendenhal  
46 Waumbek 4006 9/23/12 Ronald Demers  
47 Isolation 4004 7/28/12 Richard Kelley Janice Kerr
48 Tecumseh 4003 9/16/12 Anne D.